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February 22, 2013

Beauty in the Well Planned Minnesota Landscape Repeats Itself

Three to five inches of light gentle snow settled once again upon our Twin City Minnesota landscapes again last night stretching to a few moments ago.

It is still cloudy. There are no shadows, no forms performing radiantly on stage showing off their grace and form, their dark and white, the purity of beauty equal to Nature’s best.

Gray it may be, but the purity for beauty is just as gracious, just as awesome, quieter, visually more peaceful perhaps even more enticing to cause walk through this paradise, especially during snowfall itself.

Why is this winter paradise, this spectaclar landscape garden so seldom seen where Twin Citians live and work?

Of course there are many answers, some political, some cultural, others economic, but all are born from a woeful lack of knowlege.

We live in a society where beauty is no longer admitted on the state’s political and educational calendar. Beauty is no longer valued. The word has almost disappeared from our vocabulary.

Climate also works against planning and planting a beautiful landscape garden with winter in mind.

Despite the fact that winter in our Minnesota is equal in length to Spring, Summer, and Fall, combined, we face a MAJOR problem by our weather itself.

Climate, the very cause for the breathtaking beauty of our glorious natural northern winter landscape gardens, nevertheless is a main obstacle, second only to ignorance, for its absence as an artform almost throughout the entire Twin City area.

No matter how beautiful the Spring, Summer, or Autumn northern landscape garden may be, the most dramatic shock of beauty comes from Nature’s setting under the perfect fall of the perfect snow as we have witnessed three or four times already this Winter.

For the moment we are inspired….breath is lost, the unbelieveable, its sound, its touch, its purity of sound and smell overwhelms…….and is soon forgotten the moment one drives on to ones place of employment, fighting snow and snow plows all the way to its fromt door.

Worse, even if we could ‘freeze’ the spirit and power of the moment’s beauty into memory, our climate dictates a wait until the month of May to activate the inspiration. One can neither plant in winter’s soil, nor buy the required plants in Winter.

And even then the typical homeowner is at a loss regarding what to buy and where to place.

However, Winter IS the best time to make plans for your landscape garden future, however. Call us at 952-933-5777 for further information.

February 14, 2013

Morning, February 14, 2013 Unsurpassed Beauty in the Northern Landscape Garden

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Today, February 14, 2013, our Northland’s Twin Cities’ landscape, the good and the bad, is overwhelmed by the most beautiful ourdoors the human eye and mind can perceive.

The description “breath-taking” belittles the glory of the scenery. No matter how beautiful a day can be here or anywhere on Earth, none can surpass Mother Nature’s canvas this morning…..

At this moment , four hours after sunrise, after a nightfall of four to five inches of the most glorious kind of gentle new snow cover, this view of paradise is still holding. The entire painting remains as it was at the beginning of morning’s light.

The purity of the snow’s white covers all, the winsome and the ugly, the inspiring and that which crushes the human spirit. Creating, imitating its beauty in the private and public is rarely practiced by human touch these 21st century days of modern life.

Despite the teachings and practice of our MODERN SCHOOL day, SOME THINGS ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN OTHERS. Today’s scenery should expose the barbarity of that politics we learn now at school and university.

Although there are many inspiring days of Northern seasons, the freshness of smell and brilliance of color and leaf of early Spring, the rhyme and harmony of Summer, and the fire of the Fall, nothing rises to the shock of the beauty of the perfect snowfall on a setting under sunlight of a beautiful, well planned landscape garden specifically designed with winter in mind.

Such a piece of land cannot be planted in winter, but it can be planned in winter.

In my own graduate studies at the University of Minnesota’s Horticulture Department nearly 40 years ago, not a single five second uttering regarding landscaping for winter beauty.

Art and teaching art, especially in search of something beautiful, at universities is a contradiction these modern American days. One cannot teach what one does not know. “You can’t milk a turnip,”

Not all conifers are equal in the garden. Not all woody plants glorify snowfall equally. From last evening’s snowfall, ven the garden’s negative spaces are no longer flat and shadowless, but are now covered by various mounds of shapes and sizes embracing snow ‘blow’.

I notice sunlight is now slowly passing, as I look out my ‘garden-painted’ window, but nothing has noticeably melted. Our Northland’s frosting of the landscape garden is now only a fraction short of perfection. Much of the sky is still at its best blue….

WINTER’S length here in our Northland is VISUALLY EQUAL TO SPRING, SUMMER, AND FALL COMBINED. How could it be that we in the Northland are so negligent in our landscaping priorities?

If you are interested in learning more about planning and planting with Winter’s beauty in mind, and/or seek more information regarding classes or tours, please call us at Masterpiece Landscape, 952-933-5777.